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2018 Marriage Conference


Almost everyone dreams about having a great marriage. Companionship, romance, shared mission, satisfying sex, lasting family… there is something in most of us that instinctively longs for all of these. But let’s be honest, it’s a struggle. The good news is that while marriage is not easy, it is also not complicated. There are just a few simple “game changers” – ingredients that when done well make marriage not just last but thrive.

IMPORTANT: Tickets are per person. 2 tickets per couple.
Charges will show up on credit card statement as EIO Investments, LLC

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We will look together at the timeless wisdom of the Bible. Then you and your spouse will have an opportunity to work together to strengthen the “game changers” in your marriage.

This event is for married couples and singles (engaged, seriously dating, and anyone who would like to be married someday).


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